The dreaded… Relocation… The Simple Way…

My small family (my husband and I) are in the process of relocating to a whole other state (more on that later).  It is for some really, really great reasons, and we are doing this with great hope for the future.

The process of relocating?  It is hard… there is this whole in-between stage where you are talking to movers, and living in two states at the same time.  It can start to wear on you after a while.  Here are some easy, simple, free (or almost free) tools that my husband and I have found useful over the last few months:

1)  Skype:  This has been a great tool as my my family and friends becomes increasingly more geographically dispersed.  We have used it for years during holidays and family get togethers, and now that my husband and I are separated during the week by a few hundred miles it is a terrific tool for keeping in touch.  I think that too much non-verbal communication is lost over the phone, and video chat helps to fix that.

2) Google Docs :  Need to talk about numbers and things, but aren’t in the same space?  this is the tool for you, it is great that you can both be looking at the same document live AND make changes.

3)  Kayak:  Need to buy plane tickets?  This is my favorite source for a quick summary of the best web prices out there right now.  You can  filter by time, number of stops, and see which websites really have the best deals.  Seems like the airline websites have the best deals on airfare, at least they have for the routes I have been flying.

4)  Groupon:  Is a surprisingly great way to explore new things in your new home town, without breaking the bank.  Simply give them your email address, and which locations you are interested in, and they will send you a new deal every day that you can either participate in, or pass– no obligation.

5) A Really Great Travel Bag:  I thought I was being ridiculous when this whole process started, but I ended up at Target in the bag section buying a really great travel bag.  It is just small enough that I don’t have to gate check it when I fly on my puddle jumpers every weekend.  It has lots of pockets to keep me organized, as well as a padded compartment for a lap top… what more could a relo girl want?


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For the ageless frugal suburbanite who wants ways to keep her life simple, SillySimple blog is a way for her to stay grounded in simplicity while keeping her life lighthearted and interesting.
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