“Freedom in Flexibility”

The concept of “freedom in flexibility” came up this week in the blog-o-sphere and I just have to comment.  This blog post over at Small Notebook really resonates with the SillySimple lifestyle.  There is freedom in simplifying,  being strategic about your possessions, your entanglements, and your emotional ties.  I am not suggesting having NO emotional ties is a positive thing, but you just don’t have to collect things/people/activities that don’t make you happy.

As the SillySimple family continues our relocation project, the concept of creating flexibility through simplifying is really top of mind.  Through this move so far we have established our priorities, the things that we are willing to fight for– and let the other stuff go without a hassle.  Is it always going to be this way?  Maybe not, but everyone has goals, right?


About sillysimple

For the ageless frugal suburbanite who wants ways to keep her life simple, SillySimple blog is a way for her to stay grounded in simplicity while keeping her life lighthearted and interesting.
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