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Frugal living and dough… bread dough that is.

One of the hardest parts of our current relocation from the mid-west to the east coast, is the sticker shock.  Luckily we started searching online before we actually went apartment hunting because our response was something like “OMG!! Are these … Continue reading

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Keeping it simple…

Editor’s note:  This is a recurring Wednesday segment on SillySimple where we can ground ourselves in the simple solution to everyday life. In the name of keeping it simple for the 2nd Wednesday in February… It is ok to only … Continue reading

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What is the SillySimple kind of popcorn?

Stove Top Popcorn is almost a lost art these days.  With everyone using air poppers, or microwave bags the idea of actually putting it all out there and risking the scorch of stove top popcorn has become a throwback to … Continue reading

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